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Owners: Russ and Gladys Jones
"The museum was made possible by our close dear friend Sam Werner"
Russ and Gladys Jones
Gladys was born in England, Sept. 1939 at the start of hostilities between
England and Germany. Her father served on the battleship HMS Hood, and
during the battle with the German battleship Bismarck, (this battle is
considered one of the greatest naval disasters of the 1939-1945 campaign),
on May 27, 1941 went down with his ship, along with 1497 others, there being
only three survivors. The Hood had a compliment of 1500 Officers and Men.
Glady’s grandfather and Uncle were in the same battle, assigned on separate
ships. Gladys came to the United States Nov. 1954 for a six- month visit with
her aunt who was an English G. I. bride. Deciding to stay in the U. S. A.
Gladys proudly became a U S. Citizen in December 1963.

Russ was born in Hallsville, Ohio in 1930 and lived in Ross County all his life.
Being blessed with a mechanical ability, he worked in his uncle's automotive-
farm implement business as a mechanic after graduating from high school
until he volunteered for the draft, Feb 1953, (until this time he had received
deferments because of his work in the agriculture field).
After Combat Military Police basic training, he was assigned to Fort
Campbell, Ky. for duty. In Feb 1954, orders were cut for Europe, and he was
assigned to the Saran Detachment near Orl'eans France. When he returned to
the U.S, and was released from active service in Feb. 1955, he remained in
the reserves for 6 years before being honorably discharged from the U.S.
Russ started his own automotive repair garage in March 1955 and operated it
until 1967, this was a full line repair and rebuild of all mechanical components
including automatic transmissions body work and painting. In 1966 Russ
designed an off-road vehicle for agriculture application of lime and fertilizer
that would roll over soft fields much easier than any other vehicles. This
vehicle was also designed for other uses; municipal sludge, road
construction, tree transplanting and more. Russ received the trade name
FLOATER, registered as a trademark and applied for and received patents on
the vehicle. These vehicles have been sold all over the United States and
foreign countries. Russ retired from the Floater business in 2002.

“Their humble beginning”
In 1991 we bought their first military vehicle, an M35 2 ½  Ton 6X6 fuel tanker,
then a WWII MB jeep. We joined the Buckeye Military Club and the Ohio
Motor-pool and started attending many military shows. It wasn’t long before
things started to grow, both clubs decided to visit our location to see what
we had collected, so we arranged everything in the workshop we had to
repair the vehicles. We decided we would also invite the public and have a
military show at the same time, the response was very good. That was the
beginning of our museum and show that we hold every August.

Sam Werner of Tracy City, Tennessee is one of the best friends we have.  He
is truly responsible for making the museum what it is today. We have named
the museum Fort Economy Sam Werner Museum to honor and acknowledge
Sam's contribution of so many rare and unique items and vehicles. In our
museum you will see items, and artifacts not seen in other museums, and
vehicles that are very rare, such as four proto type extra light jeep type
vehicles of 1942, built by Chevrolet, Willys, Crosley and Kaiser. We have the
only USMC MB Combat Front Line Jeep Ambulance that is known to have
survived. We have not been able to locate another complete one as of this

Fort Economy was established in 1997 to honor all of the men and women
who have served our country in time of war and peace, including the home
front. Located in Hallsville, Ohio. Fort Economy Museum proudly show cases
items starting from civil war times to the present Iraqi Freedom conflict. The
museum consist of thousands of artifacts that include weapons and
memorabilia from past and present battles, photographs, old newspapers,
uniforms, tools, communication devices, utensils, to radar guided missiles.
The museum also displays a wide collection of military vehicles, issued
items, combat gear and rations that illustrates the many changes in our
military arsenal and accoutrements that makes The United States Military
what it is today. Sam Werner and Russ and Gladys Jones cordially invite you,
and or your group to visit Fort Economy by appointment.
I visited the Fort Economy Sam Werner museum in Hallsville, Ohio on
March 12, 2005 and I was very impressed by the many artifacts,
memorabilia and collectibles that were on display. As you visit and walk
thru their facility, the great appreciation for Russ and Gladys labor of love
and hard work will quickly be realized. I encourage you to give Russ and
Gladys a call to make an appointment for individuals, or any size group.
They would be delighted to give you a tour you will not soon forget, It’s a
must see exhibit.  

Dan Dela Rosa/President
The Ohio Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Park
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                  Historical Military Show

Fort Economy Museum –
6587 St. St.180  Hallsville, Ohio
August 25 – 27, 2007.

We thank all the Armed Forces for keeping America Free

Everyone is invited!
*Please no live fire arms or alcoholic beverages*

Just received a Vietnam M114 armored personal carrier

Many military vehicles from WWII thru Desert Storm on display
Many rare collectibles and unique items

Military flea market / Plenty of food and drink
Hand made 1/20th scale model of the Missouri battleship
by Paul Thurman

American Legion fish fry 27 August
PARADE OF VEHCILES 4:00, 27 August
(Parade and tent photos)
Vendor Sales space available please contact us by 1 July 2006
Free Parking
Free Camping

Registration is requested by 1 July 2007 for anyone wanting to display
vehicles, military items, or a space to camp – no charge.
No pets or animals allowed on the show grounds

Military Vehicle And Parts For Sale

MVPA#12593  Buckeye M. V. C.  Ohio Motor Pool,  American Legion
Post 291,VFW Post  108, AMVETS 004, AUSA, Lions and Lioness Club
Combat Infantry Badge
Parachute Rigger's Badge
Sam Werner Museum
6587 St. Rt. 180
Hallsville, Ohio 45633
1-800-865-9732 / 740-655-2165