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                                                                          Created March 21, 2015 Lisa LaRae Bloecher


We're hoping to be able to get home by Memorial Day. Please share our page on yours. Thank you!  :)
First off, we'd like to thank everyone who has helped us thus far. You've kept us afloat and kept our
spirits in the game!

Eddie and Lisa are trying to get back home to Upper Michigan as soon as possible. They've run out of
options in Colorado and there are a few good opportunities waiting for them in Upper Michigan; they
just need to get there. They need enough to rent a U-Haul and gas money to get there.
                                                                             Thanks to all in advance and GOD BLESS!

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                      4 DONATIONS RECENT            $25 Lisa Wilcox  2 days ago
                                                                         $25  Keith Bodine 2 days ago
                                                                          Best of luck with your journey, Keith Bodine
                                                                         $50 Amber Borden  3 days ago

                                                                         $50 Jeff Gurchinoff 6 days ago

Soldiers take care of each other, always. We never know what circumstance might arise that will put us
in need. No matter how secure we may feel, life is easier to deal with when we know people have our
backs. Eddie has sacrificed to defend this country, and his wife Lisa has sacrificed in support of her
soldier. Lets help bring them home!

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I would not support this if it was a hoax. It is not a hoax. It's real.
These folks need all the help they can get. All of us, at one time or
another, have been in situations you just didn't know what to do. A
military veteran friend of mine, who personally knows these friends
of his, showed me this web site and this page for the Bloechers. I
decided I would build this page in hopes of anyone viewing my site
will donate whatever amount you can, small or large, it's all going to
help these folks. Please, If you can help, that's awesome. If you can't
do it at this time, please let your friends know about it. At least
check it out and see that it is NOT a hoax. Thanks,
Keith Bodine